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Who's Who

Louise Whitaker - Head Teacher

Sarah Tridgell - Inclusion Manager and Deputy Head

Carol Hicks - Deputy Head and Year 6 Class Teacher

Kyri Georgiou - Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Fiona Roche- Year 5 Class Teacher

Eilish Dundon -  Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Samantha Williams- Year 4 Class Teacher

Angela Bailey- Year 3/4 Teaching Assistant

Miss Morawaka- Year 3 Class Teachers

Diana Savva - Year 2 Class Teacher

Natasha Harvey - Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Hasina Haque - Year 1 Class Teachers

Wendy Tompkins - Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Kristina Kanaris - Reception Class Teacher

Claire Palmer - Reception Teaching Assistant

Ruth Ruggles - Teaching Assistant

Kay Hands - Learning Support Assistant

Margery Logan - Learning Support Assistant

Shahin Hoque - Learning Support Assistant

Joanne Whitaker - Learning Support Assistant

Abby Wheeler - Learning Support Assistant

Sarah Gibbs - Learning Support Assistant

Marise Fuller - HLTA

Roberta Hind - HLTA

Kathryn McLoughlin - Music Teacher

Mr Taylor  - Sports Coach


Sue Michael - Office Manager

Carly Grout - Welfare Officer

Yvonne Barton - Playleader and After School Club Manager

Denise Garvey - Playleader 

Elizabeth Bahmukom - Playleader

Dawn Forsyth - Playleader

Denise Shaw - Playleader


Cathy O'Reilly - Cleaner

Phil Smith - Site Manager

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