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Who's Who

Mrs R Harris - Head Teacher

Mrs G Halil - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs S Tridgell - SLT / Inclusion Manager 

Miss A Dawson - Year 6 Class Teacher 

Mrs F Roche- Year 5 Class Teacher

Ms S Williams- Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs S Ulkan- Year 3 Class Teachers

Ms A Tziella- Year 2 Class Teacher 

Mrs H Burey - Year 1 Class Teacher (Part Time)

Mrs S. Penny - Year 1 Class Teacher (Part Time)

Ms K Kanaris - Reception Class Teacher (Part Time)

Mrs K McLoughlin - Reception Class Teacher (Part Time)


Mrs C Palmer - Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Tompkins - Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Bailey - Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Ruggles - Teaching Assistant


Mrs R Hind - HLTA

Mrs E. Dundon - HLTA

Mrs M. Fuller - HLTA


Mrs K Hands - Learning Support Assistant

Miss M Logan - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs S Hoque - Learning Support Assistant

Ms J Whitaker - Learning Support Assistant

Miss A Wheeler - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs K. Willis - Learning Support Assistant

Miss S Gibbs - Learning Support Assistant

Ms Y Bowes - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs L  Peraj - Learning Support Assistant


Mrs K McLoughlin - Music Teacher  


Mr Demani  - Sports Coach

Mr Aiden - Sports Coach


Mrs S Michael - Office Manager

Miss C Grout - Welfare and Well-Being Officer


Ms Y Barton - Playleader and After School Club Manager

Ms E Bahmukom - Playleader

Mrs D Forsyth - Playleader

Miss B. Karakurt - Playleader

Mrs L. Peraj - Playleader


Mr S Atsuvi - Site Manager


No employee at St Matthew's earns a  gross salary exceeding £100K.   

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